The Half-Giant Half is complete, and you’ve done EXCEPTIONALLY well from the first day, to the final hours of registration website craziness.

For all you’ve done, the HRC Headquarters staff thanks you!

Get some rest if you need, because there are scrolls upon scrolls of things coming at you in the next two weeks. The medals are being packed by the house elves on Saturday! A poll is going up in the Great Hall to have a say in the resulting “dare-oke” challenge! We’ll be at the ConnectiCon event this weekend! The Headmaster and Bosswitch will be on a Potter fandom panel at SDCC next week!

And dare we mention? (We dare! We dare!) Next week, you have the FIFTH event barreling at you like a rogue bludger!

And you thought this was going to be a nice, calm, relaxing summer…