::buzz:: ::crackle::

Are we broadcasting? Okay, perfect. Attention, all who are listening: we are fighting the good fight.

In honor of the veteran Auror and select member of the Advance Guard, Kingsley Shacklebolt, we have been seeing HRC registrations for the Royal 10k doing exceptionally well. Over the span of only two weeks, we have processed over 2,600 registrations, and are already preparing the owls to send over 500 commemorative shirts. All of this great work being done will accomplish¬†#somuchgood for All Star Code, and bring many of you nearer to Prefect status, and your houses that much closer to a possible Hogwarts Cup victory at the year’s end.

The danger that lies ahead? The registration limit. For those who have yet to register, it is critical to remember that this will only be a 5,000-medal event, and at the pace we’re maintaining, odds are very good that the Royal 10k will sell out before the planned registration closing date on August 19.

This is your moment — heed the lynx’s warning. Stay strong, remain vigilant, and run.

::pop:: ::crackle:: ::hiss::