Our fourth event of 2016 was The #OneHRC House Marathon!

We are #OneHRC and together we do #somuchgood! In celebration of our unity, we offered you the largest, most amazing medal ever…correction…it’s FOUR medals! The four separate 3″ house medals connect via magnets to form one HUGE 6″ x 6″ medal with the OneHRC “keystone” in the middle…which can be used as a keychain!

In honor of our four HRC Houses, the #OneHRC House Marathon has FOUR Charity Partners. Each of them are dedicated to saving the lives of the animals who represent our four houses:

The Gryffindor 21k will help Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, build a new bobcat rehabilitation facility that minimizes human contact so these big cats can return to the wild. Learn more at: http://bigcatrescue.org/

The Ravenclaw 10k will help International Bird Rescue in San Francisco, California, build a new aviary to help save birds who are the victims of oil spills and natural disasters. Learn more at: https://www.bird-rescue.org/

The Slytherin 6k will help Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue outside of Chicago, Illinois, build their reptile rescue facility and provide life-saving veterinary care for abandoned and injured snakes, turtles, and other reptiles. Learn more at: http://www.friendsofscales.com/

The Hufflepuff 5k will help the Save Me Trust outside of London, England, organize three teams in Southern England to catch, vaccinate and release badgers to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis and, more importantly, stop the Badger Cull which has killed thousands of badgers. Learn more at: http://www.save-me.org.uk/

We are pleased to announce The #OneHRC Marathon event raised $202,716.67, and was equally split among the four charity partners.