Our sixth event of 2016 was the Platform Year Three!

It’s back! Exactly the same dimensions and style as Year 1 and Year 2…but with a fresh coat of paint and something new! The front of the medal is the front of the Express, and the back features Harry’s adventure getting to Hogwarts in his third year…and it’s a spinner medal!

Harry, as a one-year-old infant, became the last refugee of the First Wizarding War and ended up in a strange and unwelcoming place. He was finally able to ‘return home’ to the wizarding world ten years later, carried swiftly by the Hogwarts Express. It is in this spirit, we are thrilled to announce that proceeds from this event will go to support Carry The Future. Carry the Future provides infant and toddler carriers to mothers and fathers fleeing war-ravaged regions simply looking for safety for their families. They have donated thousands of carriers and countless aid items to date, and they have a team of volunteers on the ground living near the refugee camps to ensure that they have a constant presence and are aware of immediate needs.

We are pleased to announce the Platform Year Three raised $125,846.25 to benefit Carry the Future.

Please visit CarryTheFuture.org to learn more about what your donation accomplished!