Our sixth event of 2017 was the HRC’s fourth year “Platform” event, we revamped the look of the medal to enable the front of the Express to light up**!

Hogwarts is the home of many magical creatures and Antarctica is the home some amazing creatures too! Our charity partner for Platform Year Four was the Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC)! ASOC is a global network of conservation organizations seeking to preserve the world’s last great wilderness, which belongs to all humankind. ASOC’s mission is to protect the Antarctic and Southern Ocean’s unique and vulnerable ecosystems by speaking for Antarctica and its magnificent species, from the tiniest krill to the largest blue whales.

We are pleased to inform the world that the Platform Year Four event raised $125,848.54 to benefit ASOC.

Please visit www.asoc.org to learn more about this incredible organization!

** How does a medal light up, you wonder? The medal actually opens like a locket to gain access to the LED switch.