Our sixth event of 2015 was the Patronus 5k! This medal features Snape’s doe patronus leading you through the Forest of Dean.

Our 2015 season started with Dementors and it ends with the means to defend against them. A Patronus can only be conjured by focusing on one’s happiest memories and finding the light amidst the darkness. Therefore, it is most appropriate that all proceeds from this event will support the Noah’s Light Foundation in their pursuit of a cure for pediatric brain cancer. Specifically, this race directly funded Noah’s Gifts, a family support program which pays travel expenses for families whose children are undergoing clinical trials for the NOAH Protocol…a revolutionary new treatment for pediatric brain cancer!

We are pleased to announce the Patronus 5k raised $95,000 for Noah’s Light Foundation.

Visit www.noahslight.com to learn more about this amazing organization.