2016 King’s Cross Challenge

This beautiful medal features Harry’s final conversation with Dumbledore following the destruction of the final horcrux…the one Voldemort never intended to make. Not only is it beautiful, it’s enormous at 5″ x 5″! It’s way bigger than Umbridge…it’s nearly as large as all four marathon medals combined!

You qualified for the King’s Cross Challenge by registering for at least THREE of the 2016 events:

Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run 5k
Umbridge Run 13k…or until it sinks in
Half Blood Prince Half Marathon
#OneHRC House Marathon
Fantastic Beasts 5k
Platform 9 3/4 Year 3

If you registered for all six 2016 events AND purchase the King’s Cross Challenge Medal, you were named a 2016 Perfect Prefect, received the coveted Perfect Prefect pin, and had your name emblazoned for all time on our Hall of Fame.

The proceeds from the King’s Cross Challenge was distributed equally to all of our 2016 Charity Partners.