Our fourth event of 2014 was the Hedwig Memorial Run 5k.

The Hedwig Memorial Run 5k is in honor of one of the most bravest characters in the Harry Potter series. In memory of one of the greatest companions and friend a young wizard could hope to have, this medal featured Hedwig in flight.

We asked as many people as possible to complete this 5k at the the time and location of their choosing on July 27th, which is the anniversary of the Battle of the Seven Potters in which Hedwig gave her life to protect Harry. We many not be physically together, but we were together in spirit to celebrate this beloved character.

All proceeds from the 2014 inaugural season supported The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund in the battle against pediatric cancer and helped give a big ‘Avada Kavadra’ to kids’ cancer! The contribution in the 2014 donation total was $10,670. In 2015, HRC relaunched the 2014 medals during 2015 Time Turner and the 2015 donation total was $10,671. In total, HRC raised $21,341.00 to benefit the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund. 

To learn more about this organization, visit http://www.dana-farber.org/