The second event of 2018 was the DA 5k. Facing impossible odds, the students in D.A. came together to change their future.

In January of 2016 the world mourned the loss of Alan Rickman, and we decided to honor him by running for Debate Mate, a charity Alan enthusiastically supported.

Many young people face an uncertain future simply because they are growing up in poverty. By the age of seven, children growing up in poverty are more than twice as likely as their better-off peers to be behind on expected reading levels. By the time they are in their teens, 60 percent won’t get the grades needed to go on to college or get employment after graduation. Debate Mate seeks to reverse that trend by using the power of debate to give disadvantaged young people the skills they need to become exceptional young leaders – confidence, interpersonal communication skills and higher order thinking. While starting in the UK, Debate Mate now enjoys a strong global presence, operating programs in Nepal, Africa, Jamaica, the Middle East, and the United States. They believe that every child deserves equal access to a top education, and wants the youth of today to find their voice so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow.

We are pleased to inform the world that the DA 5k event raised $69,287.28 to benefit Debate Mate.

Please visit Debate Mate to learn more.