Quidditch Challenge

The 2017 Quidditch Challenge This HUGE 5” medal celebrates Year 4…the year without Quidditch at Hogwarts, but it was also the year Bulgaria and Ireland faced off in the finals of the Quidditch World Cup! This “heavy medal” includes a beautiful sublimated ribbon and was available for purchase in October 2017 during the Time Turner event. The “challenge” is to sign up for at least THREE 2017 events. In order to have been eligible to register for this medal, you […]

Platform Year Four

Our sixth event of 2017 was the HRC’s fourth year “Platform” event, we revamped the look of the medal to enable the front of the Express to light up**! Hogwarts is the home of many magical creatures and Antarctica is the home some amazing creatures too! Our charity partner for Platform Year Four was the Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC)! ASOC is a global network of conservation organizations seeking to preserve the world’s last great wilderness, which belongs to […]

Eternal Glory 4 Miler

Our fifth event of 2017 was the Eternal Glory 4 Miler. This medal highlights the intense competition between Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and Hogwarts, along with those four drawn from the goblet who would compete for Eternal Glory! The charity partner for this event was Back on My Feet (BoMF). If you think a dragon, a lake and a maze are tough, think about the difficulties of overcoming homelessness. BoMF’s mission is to revolutionize the way our society approaches homelessness. Their unique […]

Sirius Half Marathon

Our fourth event of 2017 celebrated one of the most beloved characters from the wizarding world, and our dearest Padfoot: Sirius Black. A devoted friend, loving godfather and talented wizard, Sirius rejected ‘pure-blood’ mania, and chose to do what was right. Our charity partner for this event was Mission K9 Rescue. MK9R’s mission is to rescue, reunite, re-home, rehabilitate, and repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity. They believe these heroic canines have earned and […]

Unmasked 10-Mile Run For Your Life

Our third event of 2017 was one of the darkest (and admittedly coolest) ever…the Death Eaters. …but our purpose is to remove stigmas and save lives! Our charity partner for this event was To Write Love On Her Arms – a charity dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. We are pleased to announce the Unmasked […]

The 10K and S.P.E.W.

Our second event of 2017 honored the beloved House Elves who have served the Wizarding World for centuries…especially our favorite house elf, Dobby! The 10k and S.P.E.W. was run in support of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA). Hermione just wanted to do some good in the world. She was determined to make life better for House Elves working in Hogwarts Castle, and throughout the wizarding world. Her compassion for their well-being and her support of their freedom demonstrated her leadership […]

Constant Vigilance 5k

Our first medal of 2017 honored one of the most beloved characters in the Wizarding World — Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody — and featured a MOVING eye-ball medal! Moody never let his injuries stop him. Moody fought valiantly in both the First and Second Wizarding Wars, and captured many dark witches and wizards…but at a cost. He lost a leg, an eye and part of his nose in carrying out his duties as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. It […]