King’s Cross Challenge

2016 King’s Cross Challenge This beautiful medal features Harry’s final conversation with Dumbledore following the destruction of the final horcrux…the one Voldemort never intended to make. Not only is it beautiful, it’s enormous at 5″ x 5″! It’s way bigger than Umbridge…it’s nearly as large as all four marathon medals combined! You qualified for the King’s Cross Challenge by registering for at least THREE of the 2016 events: Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run 5k Umbridge Run 13k…or until it sinks […]

Platform Year Three

Our sixth event of 2016 was the Platform Year Three! It’s back! Exactly the same dimensions and style as Year 1 and Year 2…but with a fresh coat of paint and something new! The front of the medal is the front of the Express, and the back features Harry’s adventure getting to Hogwarts in his third year…and it’s a spinner medal! Harry, as a one-year-old infant, became the last refugee of the First Wizarding War and ended up in a […]

Fantastic Beasts 5k

Our fifth event of 2016 was the Fantastic Beasts 5k. The medal is Newt Scamander’s magical suitcase and is actually TWO medals with a hinge so the medal can open and close! When open, the medal is 3″ x 5″! And the beautiful sublimated ribbon is a mash-up of the US Stars & Stripes and the British Union Jack to celebrate Newt’s adventures finding fantastic beasts in America! We partnered with our friends at Mugglenet and Feltbeats to bring you […]

The #OneHRC House Marathon

Our fourth event of 2016 was The #OneHRC House Marathon! We are #OneHRC and together we do #somuchgood! In celebration of our unity, we offered you the largest, most amazing medal ever…correction…it’s FOUR medals! The four separate 3″ house medals connect via magnets to form one HUGE 6″ x 6″ medal with the OneHRC “keystone” in the middle…which can be used as a keychain! In honor of our four HRC Houses, the #OneHRC House Marathon has FOUR Charity Partners. Each of them are […]

The Half-Blood Prince Half Marathon

Our third event of 2016 was the Half-Blood Prince Half Marathon: a celebration of Snape and our beloved, Alan Rickman, the man who brought Snape to life. While the timing of this event was purely coincidence, we cannot ignore the fact that we lost our Half-Blood Prince, Alan Rickman, to pancreatic cancer in January. Hence, it is in his honor that the proceeds from this event went to support Project Purple…a team of runners dedicated to defeating pancreatic cancer, raising […]

Umbridge Run 13k

Our second event of 2016 was The Final Inaugural “I Must Not Tell Lies” Dolores Jane Umbridge Run 13k…Or until it sinks in! Let’s just call it “The Umbridge Run” for short, shall we? How does one celebrate (or mock!) the one character that everyone loves to hate? With a pretty, pink cat plate, of course! Actually, it’s a HUGE pretty, pink cat plate….4” in diameter! This one-of-a-kind, two-sided medal also features a magical, MOVING cat! It’s the truth! One […]

The Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run

Our first event of 2016 was The Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run! Hogwarts Running Club’s third year begins with the warmth and love of the wizarding world’s most embarrassing apparel. Your participation with the 5k run brought warmth and love to others as the proceeds from this race went to support One Warm Coat and their mission to provide anyone in need with a warm coat, free of charge. Your support helped their efforts organizing more than 3,000 coat drives each year […]

Marauder’s Challenge

The 2015  Marauder’s Challenge! Hogwarts Running Club, in association with, Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are proud to present this beautiful two-sided medal features transparent blue epoxy fill for “Prongs” and is, quite simply, HUGE. At 5″ by 4″, it is the largest medal we have ever presented. Many thanks to HRC member and 2014 Perfect Prefect, Ricky Bruner, who designed this amazing medal. In order to have been eligible to register for this medal, you must have registered […]

Voldemort V-Miler

Third Event of 2015 was the Voldemort V-Miler. That’s “V” as in “5” miles of dark and foreboding virtual running.  All participants received a one-of-a-kind 3″ medal which features a spinning Dark Mark that glows in the dark! All proceeds from this event will go to support Achilles International, an incredible organization with one simple mission: To enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics in order to promote personal achievement, enhance self esteem, and lower barriers […]