Four non-profits. One fandom. One family.


June 26th, 2015. The day everything changed.

Our organization was tiny. The Great Hall didn’t exist. There were no Common Rooms. We were just 15 months old, with a mere 4,086 likes on Facebook, when we got a lot of attention in one amazing moment. published an article about us and 1,200 people joined HRC in a single evening. A few days later, the story was picked up by Runner’s World magazine and we were off and running to donate over $400k in just our second year. We are still in awe of the amazing support from our fandom’s premier website and continue to refer to our “MuggleNet moment” as the thing that changed everything for us.

February 22nd, 2019. We hope this will be the day that everything changes for someone else.

PHRC is not alone in our efforts to change the world though the power of fandom…there are others. They are our friends; they are our family.

Potterhead Running Club is thrilled to announce our THREE charity partners for Event #2 are the three other non-profits in the Harry Potter Fandom: The Harry Potter Alliance, Transfiguring Adoption, and The Protego Foundation!

Many of you already know our long-time friends in the Harry Potter Alliance who turn fans into activists for positive change. Together, we built a library in Uganda in 2015 and helped train the next generation of Wizard Activists through the Granger Leadership Academy in 2017. This year, we are excited to help HPA’s 10th Accio Books! literacy campaign with a goal of 25,000 books in 2019!

But we are equally thrilled to introduce you to two small, but totally amazing, non-profits you may not know about!

Transfiguring Adoption develops HP-themed media, resources, and tools to nurture growth in foster and adoptive children and help foster parents as they handle the tough issues many foster children face. Our goal for TA is to help them publish a children’s book which will help foster and adoptive children work through trauma-induced fears and behaviors and create a way for them to play and bond with their caregivers. Then YOU will help get these books, along with the associated therapeutic activity kits, to at least 100 foster families for free!

Meanwhile, the Protego Foundation is inspired by the wizarding world to fight for animal rights in the muggle/no-maj world. They want everyone to consider the rights, feelings, and treatment of all creatures…magical and non-magical. Our goal with Protego is to help fund the materials for 250 “Beast Rescue Kits” that will include a cardboard pet carrier and other critical items for people to keep in their car to provide immediate aid to lost cats and dogs!

Our four organizations read the same seven books, but each of us came away with unique inspirations. PHRC decided to run like ‘You Know Who’ was chasing us (and do #somuchgood!). HPA embraced the concepts of equality, human rights and literacy. Transfiguring Adoption saw that an orphan provided with love and friendship can do incredible things. Protego read about cruelty to magical creatures and saw parallels in our world that they wanted to change.

Four unique groups, but all with the same goal: to make the world better.

Join us for Event #2 at Noon EST tomorrow and LET’S MAKE MAGIC!