There is no known cure for the most common physical disability in childhood.

If you are a parent/aunt/uncle, you know the most joyous day is the day a new baby enters your life. You also know the most terrifying thing is finding out there is a medical issue with the child. You want the child diagnosed as early and as accurately as possible to give them best possible chance at a better future.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in childhood and it affects 3.6/100 children in the US with about 10,000 new diagnoses every year. Typically, CP isn’t diagnosed until the child is between 24 to 29 months in most US clinical settings. The problem is that brain plasticity in infants, the best window of opportunity to improve developmental trajectories – through interventions and support to children, families, therapists and educators – has passed by that point.

What if Cerebral Palsy could be diagnosed at 18 months…or 12 months…or 6 months? What interventions could be taken? What treatments could be applied? How much better could that child’s life be?

Potterhead Running Club is thrilled to announce that our charity partner for Event Five is the Cerebral Palsy Foundation!

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation defines and addresses Moments of Impact – the times at which interventions and insights, if properly implemented, have the power to change lives. CPF’s current initiative is to get early detection protocols in place to reduce the average diagnosis age from 24 months down to as early as possible so interventions and treatments can begin earlier in a child’s life. CPF currently has six sites (Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus; University of Utah; UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Houston Medical Center; and the Kennedy Krieger Institute) and their efforts have reduced the age of diagnosis from 24 months to 10.5 months in just one year!!

Our goal for Event Five is to raise enough to provide the funding to add a SEVENTH hospital to this program. By doing so, we will impact the lives of approximately 5,000 families!!

Go to to learn more, and be here tomorrow at noon EDT as we launch Event Five to help families and parents and to give children the best future possible!