PHRC Celebrates MuggleNet’s 20th Anniversary!

(Reposted from August 27, 2019; Written by Felicia Grady) MuggleNet’s 20th-anniversary celebrations have included everything from our series of top 20 listicles and ultimate “Year in Review” articles to our recently launched Magical Books for Muggle Teachers campaign, a fundraiser to buy Harry Potter or other fantasy books for teachers, who can then use them in their curricula. Besides giving back to teachers, many of whom were responsible for instilling a love of Potter in us or our children, we also wanted to give back to our friends at Potterhead […]

HRC Featured In Women’s Running Magazine

In the Harry Potter universe, you need access to Platform 9 and ¾ to get to Hogwarts. But for the web-based Hogwarts Running Club, you just have to log in. “The beauty of HRC is that [location] doesn’t matter; you can participate wherever you are in the world,” says Kim Moody, the “Hufflepuff Head Girl” of the Hogwarts Running Club. Hogwarts Running Club is one of many online running clubs that has recently gained popularity with runners interested in joining an athletic […]

HRC and Friends Featured in USA Today

Harry Potter is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its U.S. release this month, and 20 years later the series has proved to be not only a pop-culture phenomenon but a lasting influence on a generation dedicated to social and political activism. J.K. Rowling’s beloved children’s books about a heroic boy wizard and his friends (and enemies) touches on topics such as inclusion, acceptance and standing up for marginalized communities. And in America, fans (from original readers, now in their 30s, to newer enthusiasts still […]

HRC On the Fandom Panel at SDCC

Thank you to Erin Wilhelm and the staff at Bleeding Cool for covering the Harry Potter Fandom Panel from the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, which featured an array of incredible talents ranging from the creators and contributors from Puffs, Fansplaining, US Quidditch, MuggleNet, and more — including our own Bosswitch herself, Dawn Biggs!