Announcing: A Quick Pygmy Up 5k!

  Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present our fifth event of 2019: A Quick Pygmy Up 5k! For our fifth event of 2019, we’re celebrating one of Fred & George’s greatest (and definitely the cutest) creations: The Pygmy Puff! Bred as miniature versions of Puffskeins, Pygmy Puffs became something of a craze in the wizarding world. They are known for eating anything from leftovers to spiders. The most well-known Pygmy Puff was the one Ginny bought and named Arnold. […]

Our Next Charity Partner: Cerebral Palsy Foundation

If you are a parent/aunt/uncle, you know the most joyous day is the day a new baby enters your life. You also know the most terrifying thing is finding out there is a medical issue with the child. You want the child diagnosed as early and as accurately as possible to give them best possible chance at a better future. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in childhood and it affects 3.6/100 children in the US with […]

The 2019 Event Five Hint #4

Your fourth and final clue! The Headmaster will offer no more hints as to the theme of this Saturday’s event, but perhaps you’ve seen through his warped words and wriggling rhymes to solve it for yourself! Tomorrow we announce the next charity partner, and then at noon EDT on the 13th, you’ll have all the answers you seek! Stay tuned!

The 2019 Event Five Hint #2

The second clue has been sent from the Headmaster’s office, and rumor has it that giggles were heard coming down the spiral staircase as the doors closed. He firmly believes that he has everyone at a loss for what the fifth PHRC virtual running event of 2019 will be. …But does he? Think hard, consult your various divination tools or library reference materials to try and take these two hints (and the two upcoming) to figure out the event theme. […]

The 2019 Event Five Hint #1

School may not be in session over the summer months, but when has that ever kept us from enjoying a great summer PHRC event? The fifth installment is nearly here! Headmaster is up to his tricks again, being lax with language and free from form as he gives you your first clue to the event theme. Take it, and the three clues that will follow this week, and mull them over. On Friday evening we’ll announce the next fantastic charity […]

Announcing: Our 2019 Summer Direct Impact Project!

Who wants to help break a Guinness World Record? Well, that’s what we are about to do!   Education is the key to the future, but many families cannot afford to give their kids the supplies needed to be successful in school. One incredible organization based in Minneapolis (founded by an EIGHT year-old philanthropist!) has been supporting children in numerous ways for a decade.   They’ve been so successful, their “High Five for Supplies” program set a Guinness World Record […]

Announcing: The Vanishing Half-Marathon!

  Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present our fourth event of 2019: The Vanishing Half-Marathon! For our fourth event of 2019, we’re exploring another mysterious magical object used by witches and wizards for both good and evil purposes for years: The Vanishing Cabinet. During the first Wizarding War, many used vanishing cabinets to swiftly disappear if Death Eaters paid them a visit. Later on, a pair of vanishing cabinets, one at Borgin & Burkes and the other in the […]

Our Next Charity Partner: Wildlife Protection Solutions

We come from different places and have different opinions on lots of different issues. We disagree, we debate, and we argue. But there are some issues where pretty much everyone agrees. Poaching wild animals is WRONG! Intentionally destroying ecosystems is WRONG! BUT… Catching bad guys is GOOD! Potterhead Running Club is thrilled to announce that our charity partner for the next PHRC event is Wildlife Protection Solutions​! Wildlife Protection Solutions is a team of technology experts seeking to enhance conservation […]

The 2019 Event Four Hint #4

What future lies in wait? What strange ideas rest in the minds of the Headmaster and Bosswitch? You have only two days to wonder, because on May 18, our fourth event of the 2019 PHRC season will be revealed!⁣ ⁣ Check back tomorrow (Friday) on our social media feeds and website blog to learn who our charity partner for this upcoming virtual run will be. We know you’re going to absolutely love them!⁣