2020 Pre-Registration is Open!

  This is your chance to pre-register for all of next year’s events, and guarantee your Perfect Prefect status for 2020! And you’re getting them at a discount: because this will help us predict expenses, you’re getting $2 per event off the regular donation/registration fee, and international members are saving an additional $10 off their international shipping fees. Your pre-registration includes all six “regular-season” PHRC events, the always huge Challenge Medal, your Perfect Prefect pin, and custom digital bibs for […]

ANNOUNCING: The 2019 Time Turner Year-End Event!

  Potterhead Running Club is thrilled to unveil our year-end celebration: the 2019 Time Turner Event & Felix Challenge! This is your chance to register for those events you might have missed in 2019 and register for the amazing Felix Challenge medal! The Time Turner is NOT a running event and there is no “Time Turner Medal”…this is our way of “turning back the clock” to reopen previous Potterhead Running Club events for the year. Now you can register for […]

Announcing: Platform Year Six!

  Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present our sixth event of 2019: Platform Year Five! It’s back! Our annual nine-and-three-quarter-kilometer virtual running event returns to celebrate Harry’s sixth year with a beautiful new medal representing his adventures getting back to Hogwarts. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the medal isn’t ‘missing’ a piece…it’s just partially covered by an invisibility cloak! The back features Diagon Alley, Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, the Petrificus Totalus spell, and even a few wrackspurts. Your event […]

Our Next Charity Partner: Orange Sky Australia

There are so many small things in life we often take for granted. A shower. Clean clothes. Good conversation. Imagine if tomorrow all those simple, small things were gone. Imagine that tomorrow morning you were homeless with nothing but a small bag of possessions and a few dollars in your pocket. Those simple, small things would become luxuries. The value of a shower, clean clothes, and a conversation with a friend would mean more than ever before. Potterhead Running Club […]

The 2019 Event Six Hint

Not to “captcha” your attention, but…this is your ONLY Event Six hint!⁣ In fact, to add another layer of complexity to this deep, labyrinthine mystery (whatever could it be?), this is also a hint to the next charity partner.⁣ Return to this exact spot tomorrow at 7pm Eastern to meet our amazing new charity partner, and then Saturday at noon Eastern, the sixth event begins!⁣

Announcing: A Quick Pygmy Up 5k!

  Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present our fifth event of 2019: A Quick Pygmy Up 5k! For our fifth event of 2019, we’re celebrating one of Fred & George’s greatest (and definitely the cutest) creations: The Pygmy Puff! Bred as miniature versions of Puffskeins, Pygmy Puffs became something of a craze in the wizarding world. They are known for eating anything from leftovers to spiders. The most well-known Pygmy Puff was the one Ginny bought and named Arnold. […]

Our Next Charity Partner: Cerebral Palsy Foundation

If you are a parent/aunt/uncle, you know the most joyous day is the day a new baby enters your life. You also know the most terrifying thing is finding out there is a medical issue with the child. You want the child diagnosed as early and as accurately as possible to give them best possible chance at a better future. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in childhood and it affects 3.6/100 children in the US with […]

The 2019 Event Five Hint #4

Your fourth and final clue! The Headmaster will offer no more hints as to the theme of this Saturday’s event, but perhaps you’ve seen through his warped words and wriggling rhymes to solve it for yourself! Tomorrow we announce the next charity partner, and then at noon EDT on the 13th, you’ll have all the answers you seek! Stay tuned!

The 2019 Event Five Hint #2

The second clue has been sent from the Headmaster’s office, and rumor has it that giggles were heard coming down the spiral staircase as the doors closed. He firmly believes that he has everyone at a loss for what the fifth PHRC virtual running event of 2019 will be. …But does he? Think hard, consult your various divination tools or library reference materials to try and take these two hints (and the two upcoming) to figure out the event theme. […]