Announcing: Shrieking 6k

  Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present the third event of the 2020 season: Shrieking 6k! Your registration includes this beautiful 3″ medal featuring the dangerous deciduous that hid the passage to and from the school grounds! As with every PHRC medal, all registrants also receive the beautiful custom sublimated ribbon, and the always-popular personalized digital bib!

Our Next Charity Partner: One Tree Planted!

This incredible community has changed the world in countless ways over the years through the #SoMuchGood that it does. We’ve fought diseases. We’ve found forever homes for amazing kids. We’ve cared for our veterans, our homeless, our elders. We’ve protected magical creatures. We’ve saved lives.⁣ As we consider all the things that need attention and resources in this world, we take a deep, focusing breath…and look up at the trees. Gripping the soil; stretching to the skies; making this planet […]

The 2020 Event Three Hint #4

The FOURTH and FINAL HINT to Event Three!⁣⁣ Seems like we’ve ventured all over the place with this week’s clues, and as much of a maze the Headmaster has made with his wordcraft, we’ll say this much: SOMEONE has figured it out. Who? And what? Guess you’ll have to find out on Saturday! But before that happens, be sure to check back at 7pm Eastern tomorrow to meet our newest charity partner!

Announcing: Undesirable No. 2!

  Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present the second event of the 2020 season: Undesirable No. 2! (It’s a 10k.) Our seventh year continues with the infiltration of the Ministry through the “standard employee entrance” — the Whitehall underground public toilets — that the Trio used during their hunt for horcruxes. Disguised as Hopkirk, Cattermole, and Runcorn, they managed to get Slytherin’s Locket, free multiple Muggle-borns awaiting trial, and reclaim Moody’s magical eye from Umbridge. (Quite a busy day!) […]

Our Next Charity Partner: Water1st International

Can you imagine having to walk 3-5 miles each day to collect water for your family? Over one billion women and girls around the world do this every day, sometimes multiple times a day. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ We turn on a faucet, flush a toilet, take a shower, and often never think about the precious resource that is automatically brought into our homes…but to this staggering number of people worldwide, that water is carried — often literally in pots on their […]