The 2020 Event Two Hint #1

Here he goes again! The Headmaster is mincing words, obfuscating the clear theme of our second event, and leading us all down so many dead ends to his own ridiculous delight. Two more hints will follow in the days ahead. On Thursday evening we’ll announce the next fantastic charity partner, and on FRIDAY at 2:00pm Eastern (a special date and time!), the event will be revealed!

Announcing: Ironbelly 7k!

  Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present the first event of the 2020 season: Ironbelly 7k! Our seventh year begins with the trio’s thrilling escape from Gringotts and the freeing of the Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon who had been forced to guard the lowest vaults. Your registration includes this attention-grabbing 3″ ‘clanker’ (a real bell!) medal featuring the Ukrainian Ironbelly (“Iron-bell-y”…get it?) on one side, and our own version of the Gringotts crest on the other! As with every PHRC […]

Our Next Charity Partner: Random Acts

When we tell people about the positive change our community makes in the world, they’re always curious to know how we find the charity partners we support. It’s a wonderful thing to reply to them that in nearly every instance since our founding, the ideas to support those organizations came from our members. And why wouldn’t we do that? Those members — each of you — share our love of combining fandom and philanthropy to do So Much Good. They […]

The 2020 Event One Hint #3

Your final hint to the first event of 2020, and the Headmaster is making no New Year resolutions to be any less confusing on the clues! Tomorrow we reveal the fantastic charity partner that the event will be supporting, and on Saturday…the curtain rises, and registrations go live! This is going to be a massive start to an incredible year, so stay tuned, and stay hydrated!

The 2020 Event One Hint #2

The Headmaster isn’t messing with you, honestly. He’s playing a perfectly innocent, perfectly well-intentioned game of words. The fact that it makes us all want to cast petrificus totalus on him and rummage through his desk for answers…well, that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?⁣ ⁣ Two more days of clues, a charity partner announcement on Friday, and the first event of 2020 will be known to all on Saturday!⁣

The 2020 Event One Hint #1

A brand new year, but the Headmaster is up to his old tricks: back to messing with the details on the theme of our PHRC season’s first event! What does it mean? What is he getting at? What exactly is in that candy bowl of his? Three more hints will follow in the days ahead. On Friday evening we’ll announce the next unbelievable charity partner, and on Saturday at 12:00 noon Eastern, the event will be revealed, and our new […]

All are welcome in this Castle.

Words are powerful tools, and like implements of creativity, they must be wielded with care. Our community is built upon the idea that all are welcome, all are magical, and all have intrinsic value. PHRC would not be what it is, nor could it have accomplished a fraction of what it has done to date, without the collective effort of the vast, diverse, and universally kindhearted global collective that occupy our virtual space.⁣ ⁣ The good that these altruistic individuals […]

2020 Pre-Registration is Open!

  This is your chance to pre-register for all of next year’s events, and guarantee your Perfect Prefect status for 2020! And you’re getting them at a discount: because this will help us predict expenses, you’re getting $2 per event off the regular donation/registration fee, and international members are saving an additional $10 off their international shipping fees. Your pre-registration includes all six “regular-season” PHRC events, the always huge Challenge Medal, your Perfect Prefect pin, and custom digital bibs for […]

ANNOUNCING: The 2019 Time Turner Year-End Event!

  Potterhead Running Club is thrilled to unveil our year-end celebration: the 2019 Time Turner Event & Felix Challenge! This is your chance to register for those events you might have missed in 2019 and register for the amazing Felix Challenge medal! The Time Turner is NOT a running event and there is no “Time Turner Medal”…this is our way of “turning back the clock” to reopen previous Potterhead Running Club events for the year. Now you can register for […]

PHRC Celebrates MuggleNet’s 20th Anniversary!

(Reposted from August 27, 2019; Written by Felicia Grady) MuggleNet’s 20th-anniversary celebrations have included everything from our series of top 20 listicles and ultimate “Year in Review” articles to our recently launched Magical Books for Muggle Teachers campaign, a fundraiser to buy Harry Potter or other fantasy books for teachers, who can then use them in their curricula. Besides giving back to teachers, many of whom were responsible for instilling a love of Potter in us or our children, we also wanted to give back to our friends at Potterhead […]