“My use and value unto you are gauged by what you have to do.”


Potterhead Running Club is thrilled to unveil our eagerly anticipated year-end celebration: Time Turner 2020!

This is your opportunity to shift the sands of time and return to any point in the PHRC year to register for any virtual fitness events you may have missed! The medals are the exact ones offered over this year, and the proceeds from these registrations will go to the same charity partners. As always, each medal has its own beautiful custom sublimated ribbon, and comes with your own personalized digital bib!

“Harry sat in thought for a long time, or perhaps seconds. It was very hard to be sure of things like time, here.”


This means that you can now register for:

  • Ironbelly 7k, supporting Random Acts!
  • Undesirable No. 2 (It’s a 10k), supporting Water 1st!
  • Shrieking 6k, supporting One Tree Planted!
  • Locomotor 8k, supporting Team Rubicon!
  • Lightning Has Struck 5k, supporting All Star Code!
  • Platform Year Seven 9 3/4k, supporting Trans Lifeline!


And now introducing: the Three Brothers Challenge medal, with proceeds to equally support all six of our 2020 charity partners!

The Three Brothers Challenge is a gorgeous 4″ medal featuring an internal spinning disc that tells the Bard’s tale of the three brothers!

What makes this a “Challenge”, you ask? The answer lies within the distance: 45.75 kilometers; the combined total of all the 2020 event distances! Since this is a virtual fitness event (and you likely don’t have Grawp’s stride), you are fully encouraged and expected to break up the challenge distance into multiple sessions.

Three Brothers Challenge

“Well, we do look to our prefects to take a lead at times such as these…”


If you register (either through original events or here during Time Turner…or a combination of both) for all SEVEN of the 2020 medals (Ironbelly, Undesirable, Shrieking, Locomotor, Lightning, Platform, and the Three Brothers Challenge), you will automatically become a Perfect Prefect for 2020 and receive a FREE PHRC Prefect Pin! It will be shipped along with the Time Turner registered medals.

“I don’t suppose there have been loads of other stories about a stone that can raise the dead, have there?”


As has become our year-end tradition, we’re returning to a favorite medal from the past for the Bosswitch to reimagine…and completely redesign!

You have voted, and the re-imagined 2014 Philosopher 5k has been chosen as the 2020 Throwback Medal! Proceeds from the Throwback Medal will be distributed across our 2020 Charity Partners.

“There were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight —-“


What would a return to this year’s events be without a return of all the event shirts? All six of the stunning 2020 shirts are available once again through Custom Ink in multiple fabrics and styles from tees, to tanks, to hoodies!

Included in the return of all the 2020 event shirts is the special Time Turner 2020 commemorative shirt, which features the incredible moment from Beedle’s famed legend…or was it only a story after all?

Just like the Three Brothers Challenge medal itself, proceeds from the Time Turner shirt will also support all six of this year’s charity partners!

“You are the worthy possessor of the Hallows.”


All registrations will include free digital runner’s bibs, which will upload to the Bib Gallery archive in 48-72 hours after you register.

Registration for all events closes at midnight on November 1. Since all Time Turner medals are ordered in sufficient numbers (so that NO ONE will miss out on a medal they want to earn), we will mail all Time Turner medals in the third week of December when the shipments arrive.

For more information on how our virtual running events work and how we’re changing the world through fanthropy™ (fandom philanthropy), please visit our website FAQ.

Sign up today and let’s wind out the year with a wave of #SoMuchGood!