Words are powerful tools, and like implements of creativity, they must be wielded with care. Our community is built upon the idea that all are welcome, all are magical, and all have intrinsic value. PHRC would not be what it is, nor could it have accomplished a fraction of what it has done to date, without the collective effort of the vast, diverse, and universally kindhearted global collective that occupy our virtual space.⁣

The good that these altruistic individuals have done together have often been to direct benefit of organizations that not only understand the ‘magical’ premise that brings us together, but who apply those proceeds to ensure that everyone — every single person out there — know they are seen, valued, and loved. In the process of raising and donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups like the Trevor Project, TWLOHA, the Harry Potter Alliance, and others, an amazing and diverse family of fans have gathered together who support and uplift one another on a daily basis, unconditionally and without hesitation. We share a common story at the heart of our interests, but this fandom and its capacity for good — so much good — stands on its own, and we are proud to be part of what makes it exceptional.⁣

Our community is defined by us, and how we treat one another. This is removed from creators, property holders, convention runners, or anyone else that furthers or promotes the original content that brought us together as a community in the first place. We are not a product on a shelf or screen, nor are we the product of those who make or market those things. We are a community all our own; we are made of, here for, and warmly open to all who care to join with us.⁣

In short: all are welcome within the Castle.⁣

All are welcome.

Castle in Rainbow COlors