Pensieve 10k Progress Update!

Here comes the weekend…and with it, an update on our PENSIEVE PROGRESS! You’re showing us what it means to #RunForTheMemories, and in doing so, we’re at a funding level for 135 of our goal of 225! These music kits (and the training for the respective caregivers) will be magical gifts to those who receive them, and will be sure to do #SoMuchGood and bring so much joy to everyone involved! Keep in mind that the event closes overnight on May […]

Pensieve 10k: What Memories Do You Run For?

One of the most emotionally impactful aspects of working with Music & Memory as our charity partner for the Pensieve 10k is how it makes us think about those moments that we never want to leave us. Thoughts of loved ones, irreplaceable events, personal triumphs, all those points in time that define us and drive us. It’s with these wonderful memories in mind that we encourage those who register for the event to tell everyone about them; to share with […]

Announcing: The Pensieve 10k!

  Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present our third event of 2019: The Pensieve 10k! For this event, we’re diving into the mysterious magical object used by Hogwarts headmasters (and Harry, of course) to examine and re-live memories. Legend has it that the founders of Hogwarts found the Pensieve half buried in the ground, and supposedly one of the reasons the school was located in such a remote location. In the dark days leading up to the Second Wizarding […]

Our Next Charity Partner: Music & Memory!

I was four years old and sitting in a warm, loving kitchen in a small house in Neillsville, Wisconsin. My grandmother made me fish sticks and sat at the table talking with me while I ate. It was a perfect moment. It’s one of my earliest childhood memories…and it’s the only one I have of my grandmother before the Alzheimer’s and dementia put her in a nursing home for more than 10 years. Every other memory of my grandmother is […]

The 2019 Event Three Hint #4

We commend you, students, for working SO hard to figure out the Headmaster’s clues to Event 3 this week! That doesn’t necessarily mean ANY of your guesses were correct, of course. But look at how hard you’ve tried! Tomorrow night, we tell the world about the incredible new charity partner we’ll be running for. And then on Saturday, April 6 at noon Eastern, we’ll launch the event, reveal the gorgeous new medal that the Bosswitch has designed for you, and […]

The 2019 Event Three Hint #3

What’s this, you ask, these mixed-up words⁣ That lay before your eyes?⁣ They are another glimpse into⁣ A Potterhead surprise!⁣ ⁣ A clue, a hint, a clever ruse⁣ For you to circumvent⁣ And see if you can ascertain⁣ Our third running event!⁣ ⁣ With nouns and verbs that rhyme and sing⁣ Don’t let your mind go numb⁣ The Headmaster is always keen⁣ To march to his own drum!⁣ ⁣ By Friday night, you’ll learn the reason⁣ Why we choose to […]

The 2019 Event Three Hint #2

We can agree, the Headmaster is a benevolent soul. He cares about the castle, and all who run with us. He is the #OnePHRC spirit incarnate, no question. But he also loves…LOVES…taunting you with event hints. (There’s a cackle behind the kindness.) The third event of 2019 is days away! How many days, to be precise? Well, it’s two more clues, a charity partner reveal on Friday, and then at noon ET on Saturday, it will be there for the […]

The 2019 Event Three Hint #1

The Headmaster is at it again, digging deep in his satchel of sentence secrets to see what you can surmise about the third event of the 2019 virtual running event season! Four days of clues await you. On Friday, we announce the charity partner for the event. By this Saturday at Noon ET, the veil is lifted, the medal is revealed, and off we go! Have at it, students!