Announcing: The Stage 5k Clinger!

Take yourself back to January of 2017…

In an effort to provide everyone a schedule of events for the year, a “fake” schedule was published with six absolutely-not-real event names. But one of those fake events developed an unexpected and passionate following in the Castle. The students have spoken…

Potterhead Running Club is pleased to present our first event of 2019: The Stage 5k Clinger!

You asked for it. You begged for it. You threatened to burn the Castle to the ground if you didn’t get it…and here it is!

We are starting off our Sixth Year with a celebration of the relationship between Lav-Lav and Won-Won. Lavender Brown was the very first Gryffindor sorted when the Trio arrived at Hogwarts and was one of Hermione’s roommates for six whole years (we are truly impressed Hermione didn’t crack long before Year Six). Despite the giggles and squeals, we love our Lavender and wouldn’t want her any other way.

Your registration includes this awesome 3″ transparent frosted medal, custom sublimated ribbon, and the always popular personalized digital bib!

In honor of our Half-Blood Prince.

Three years ago, in loving memory of Alan Rickman, the largest event in our history raised critical funds for a first-of-it’s kind pancreatic cancer clinical trial that is literally saving lives today.

(And we know it’s really “on the nose”, but Lavender is a shade of purple, so…)

Potterhead Running Club is proud to announce the charity partner for this event is Project Purple! We are beginning our Sixth Year honoring our Half-Blood Prince by once again partnering with Project Purple to join the fight to find a cure for pancreatic cancer and improve the lives of patients through support, hope, and compassion.

Visit to learn more!

What is a “Clinger”, you ask?

Lavender got herself quite the reputation for her devotion to and concern for Ron, as she clearly demonstrated to Harry in hospital visit, after visit, after visit…

So don’t forget your “Clinger” event shirt! All proceeds go to support Project Purple, and you can get your shirt in multiple styles including wicking sport tech cloth, or long-sleeve hoodies!


The suggested run date for the Stage 5k Clinger is Wednesday, February 6th on Arthur Weasley’s birthday. Remember, this is only a fun suggestion. You are welcome to complete your 5 kilometers whenever and however you want!

Registration closes at midnight on February 10th (or early morning on the 11th depending on your Time Zone). All medals will be mailed on Monday, February 18th.

For more information on how our virtual running events work, please visit our FAQ.

Sign up today and join us in the fight against pancreatic cancer!

Our Next Charity Partner: Project Purple!

In memory of Alan, and for everyone fighting pancreatic cancer.

First: a brief story.⁣

It was just another Thursday morning. Random Tuesday had only one running club, we’d just celebrated reaching 25,000 members, and we were two days away from launching the ‘Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run’. It was January 14th, 2016. Our day was shattered with the news that we had lost our beloved Half-Blood Prince, Alan Rickman. We immediately held a run in his honor, but we spent the next several weeks looking for a way to honor him in a more meaningful way. We did.⁣

The single-largest event in our history was the ‘Half Prince Half Marathon’ in 2016. The donation from that event resulted in a first-of-its-kind clinical trial at the University of Nebraska that now has 76 people in it. While these 76 individuals are at higher risk of getting pancreatic cancer due to their genetics, they are now getting screened/tested every six months in an effort to detect pancreatic cancer as early as possible. And early detection is the only way to survive pancreatic cancer. We are literally saving lives three years later.⁣

So why this story?⁣

This is our Sixth Year. This is our Half-Blood Prince Year.⁣

How can we start this year any other way?⁣

Ladies and Gentlemen of Potterhead Running Club, we are pleased to announce that our first charity partner for our Sixth Year…our Half-Blood Prince Year…is an old friend. The Charity Partner for Event #1 is Project Purple! 💜⁣

Their mission is simple: Defeat Pancreatic Cancer.⁣

So, to honor Alan and all those we’ve lost to this disease, we are once again joining Project Purple in the fight to find a cure for pancreatic cancer and improve the lives of patients through support, hope, and compassion.⁣

Come back tomorrow at noon EST, when we unveil the unbelievable opening event of the 2019 season!