The 2019 Event One Hint #1

2019 is here and it’s almost time for our first event of the year! That also means you get three nights of CLUES!

On Thursday night we’ll announce our incredible charity partner and then, on FRIDAY (not our usual Saturday) at Noon EST, we’ll reveal our first event LIVE from BroadwayCon!⁣

New to PHRC? No problem! These clues are tricky and meant to confundus you, but we promise they’ll all make sense when we explain them. Well, we promise they made sense to the Headmaster when he came up with them!⁣

You’ll only get THREE clues for this event because, well, the Headmaster thinks you folks are getting too clever with these and hopes to keep the event somewhat of a surprise. :)⁣

Good luck!⁣

The 2018 Event Six Hint #1

The first — and ONLY — clue! Take it away, Headmaster!

Okay folks, this is a short week with the Royal 10k just closing, and our sixth event starting on Saturday at noon EDT, so you’re only getting this ONE CLUE for the theme of the next virtual run.

As for the next charity partner, we’re excited to share this fantastic group with you Friday night at 8 PM EDT.

‘Sharing’ … that’s an appropriate word. People should share. Siblings should share. If one has something that is awesome, their sibling should be able to use it too. Yes, that’s a clue. 

Be here tomorrow night for the announcement of our final charity partner for 2018, and bring ALL the tissues.

We recommend PUFFS brand. 

The 2018 Event Five Hint #4


This will be your last helpful hint…no, confounding clue…as to the nature of our fifth event of 2018. The Headmaster has been ecstatic reading all the guesses, hypotheses, and wild stabs-in-the-dark thus far. Does this help, or hinder your search for truth?

Tomorrow evening at 8pm EDT marks the announcement of our charity partner, and then noon EDT on Saturday, the veil is lifted — and the event begins!

The 2018 Event Five Hint #3


It seems yesterday’s clue might have stumped a few of you. We use the term “magical word salad” for a reason! We promise you Headmaster is *not* sinister, even though he loves to confuse you!

We hope you are enjoying the week of clues that lead up to the announcement of our newest charity partner on Friday evening, and the official launch of the fifth event on Saturday, July 21st at noon EDT.

Keep the guesses coming!

The 2018 Event Five Hint #2


We saw a lot of love for the Weasleys on yesterday’s clue. Does Clue No. 2 help confirm your original guess, or has the Headmaster thrown you off with his magical word salad”?

Each day this week, the HRC Headmaster continues to unveil a new clue for our fifth event of 2018, leading up to the reveal of the Charity Partner on Friday night, and the launch of the event in full at noon EDT on Saturday.

Do your best to maintain sanity and calm, as you pore over these cryptic clues!

The 2018 Event Five Hint #1


Yes! It’s the Headmaster’s favorite week! Each day this week, the HRC Headmaster will unveil a new clue for Event Number Five, leading up to the reveal of the Charity Partner on Friday night, and the launch of the event in full at noon EDT on Saturday, July 21.

Now…for the new folks: all of these clues are SUPER EASY. They are all very straight forward, and can be solved effortlessly. We also have a sale right now on the Brooklyn Bridge. Everyone can get their own Brooklyn Bridge. You can get two bridges if you’d like. (The Internet really needs a font called “Sarcastica”.)

Putting it another way, the Headmaster dances with sinister glee, as students struggle to figure out his maniacal, magical word salad. Just do your best to figure out the clues, and figure out the next event!