2018: A Year of Change

We Transform Lives.

Random Tuesday, Inc. and the Fanthropy Running Clubs went through an exceptional change in 2018. This is nothing, however, compared to the change in the 75,000+ members of our community.

From our PHRC family, to each and every one of you, thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

The road ahead looks that much brighter having you alongside us for the run.

2018 DIP Hat Drive Results

We Got This Sorted.

When the entire castle sets out on a mission, woe be unto those who question their dedication.⁣⁣
When the mission is to help the homeless with the gift of warmth around the holiday season, you can essentially tell the world, “Hey. Hold my butterbeer.”⁣⁣
We presented you this winter with our 2018 Direct Impact Project, and challenged you to a hat drive. Knowing that you never shy away from such endeavors, we set the bar aggressively high: 20,000 knit hats to be collected at points around the world, to be distributed directly to shelters and facilities that would get them to those who need them with all speed. ⁣⁣
We encouraged all our houses to meet certain goals, and rallied ‘counting elves’ to volunteer at the collection points to make sure everything was in order. We gave you three weeks.⁣⁣
From the contributions of each house, to our beloved faculty beasts, the bags upon boxes upon cases of hats poured in like a woolen flood. You’ve done an incredible thing, and for that, our hats…are off to you!⁣⁣
??‍??‍? 35 (we love our faculty!)⁣⁣
?❤️ 3,692 (856% of goal)⁣⁣
?? 5,895 (1,420% of goal)⁣⁣
?? 11,899 (1,047% of goal)⁣⁣
?? 19,857 (1,633% of goal)⁣⁣
…and 7 fleece hats that weren’t counted for points, but nonetheless donated.⁣⁣
We’ve never doubted the #somuchgood that this amazing community can accomplish…but when you DOUBLE the target number? That’s beyond the scope of awesome.⁣⁣
THANK YOU ALL for making the DIP challenge such an overwhelming success, and bringing the 2018 year to a close on a high note!!!⁣⁣