“Happee Birthdae”, JK and Harry!

We know it so, so well: today is one of the most revered, most commemorated, most ballyhooed days on our Potterhead calendar. From full-scale shindigs, to magical workplace attire, to bonus runs (right?), to dinner themes, to read-a-thons and viewing parties, there are countless ways to mark the day. So…how are YOU celebrating the birthdays of the Boy Who Lived, AND the Woman Who Made It All Possible?

HRC On the Fandom Panel at SDCC

Thank you to Erin Wilhelm and the staff at Bleeding Cool for covering the Harry Potter Fandom Panel from the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, which featured an array of incredible talents ranging from the creators and contributors from Puffs, Fansplaining, US Quidditch, MuggleNet, and more — including our own Bosswitch herself, Dawn Biggs! https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/07/21/sdcc18-harry-potter-fandom-panel-cursed-by-an-abundance-of-canon/#disqus_thread

Announcing: The Royal 10k!

Dumbledore wasn’t the only one who had “style”. The future Minister for Magic was a critical member of the Order of the Phoenix: Kingsley Shacklebolt! One of the greatest Aurors ever, he helped keep Sirius’ location a secret from the Ministry, saved the members of the D.A. during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, and bravely fought at the Battle of Hogwarts. After Voldemort came to power, he went into hiding, but remained active in the resistance effort, contributing […]

Our 2018 Event Five Charity Partner: All Star Code

The Muggle-world is in the midst of an innovation revolution. New devices, applications and other innovations are being created every day…almost like magic. But there is one group that is getting left behind in learning the skills to “cast” that magic: increasing professional access and STEM education for young men of color is vital to the overall future of the tech sector as well as minority communities. Hogwarts Running Club is pleased to announce that the charity partner for Event […]

The 2018 Event Five Hint #4

CLUE THE FOURTH! This will be your last helpful hint…no, confounding clue…as to the nature of our fifth event of 2018. The Headmaster has been ecstatic reading all the guesses, hypotheses, and wild stabs-in-the-dark thus far. Does this help, or hinder your search for truth? Tomorrow evening at 8pm EDT marks the announcement of our charity partner, and then noon EDT on Saturday, the veil is lifted — and the event begins!

The 2018 Event Five Hint #3

CLUE THE THIRD! It seems yesterday’s clue might have stumped a few of you. We use the term “magical word salad” for a reason! We promise you Headmaster is *not* sinister, even though he loves to confuse you! We hope you are enjoying the week of clues that lead up to the announcement of our newest charity partner on Friday evening, and the official launch of the fifth event on Saturday, July 21st at noon EDT. Keep the guesses coming!

The 2018 Event Five Hint #2

CLUE THE SECOND! We saw a lot of love for the Weasleys on yesterday’s clue. Does Clue No. 2 help confirm your original guess, or has the Headmaster thrown you off with his “magical word salad”? Each day this week, the HRC Headmaster continues to unveil a new clue for our fifth event of 2018, leading up to the reveal of the Charity Partner on Friday night, and the launch of the event in full at noon EDT on Saturday. Do […]

The 2018 Event Five Hint #1

CLUE THE FIRST! Yes! It’s the Headmaster’s favorite week! Each day this week, the HRC Headmaster will unveil a new clue for Event Number Five, leading up to the reveal of the Charity Partner on Friday night, and the launch of the event in full at noon EDT on Saturday, July 21. Now…for the new folks: all of these clues are SUPER EASY. They are all very straight forward, and can be solved effortlessly. We also have a sale right […]

The Half-Giant Half Is Complete!

The Half-Giant Half is complete, and you’ve done EXCEPTIONALLY well from the first day, to the final hours of registration website craziness. For all you’ve done, the HRC Headquarters staff thanks you! Get some rest if you need, because there are scrolls upon scrolls of things coming at you in the next two weeks. The medals are being packed by the house elves on Saturday! A poll is going up in the Great Hall to have a say in the […]

Half Giant Medals Are Shipping!

The House Elves have descended upon Headquarters and are packing your Half-Giant Half Marathon medals this afternoon! Thank you, House Elves, for volunteering your time. Thank you, Witches and Wizards of HRC, for signing up for the Half-Giant Half to support Goats of Anarchy and Toucan Rescue Ranch! Your miles matter! Your registrations make a difference! We appreciate you!